E! Online posted something big today about Jennifer Carpenter, the article comes together with a couple of paparazzi photos which we won’t be sharing, instead you can read the article below or click here.

Jennifer Carpenter has us wondering about a couple of MAJOR nuggets that might be going on in her life.

The Dexter actress recently stepped out in jeans and a casual three-quarter T-shirt, but her accessories are of what’s important to us! We couldn’t help but notice that the star appears to have a growing bump and a popped-out belly button, which makes us ask the obvious question: Is she pregnant?!

In the pictures that show her standing from the side, Carpenter’s bump seems to have popped!

Even more suspect is the ring she is wearing on that finger. While talking on the phone (with boyfriend Seth Avett, perhaps?), Carpenter showed of her hand, which undoubtedly has a gorgeous sparkler on it!

E! News has reached out to reps for Carpenter and Avett for comment.

Carpenter and Avett (of Avett Brothers fame) have been together since 2013, getting together after she divorced Dexter co-star (and on-screen brother) Michael C. Hall. The actors had tied the knot on New Year’s Eve in 2008 and finalized their divorce in December 2011.

The folk singer, meanwhile, was previously linked to wife Susan Avett but they became separated in June 2013.

The usually low key couple was previously spotted in June having some fun while shopping. Avett and Carpenter briefly paused for an impromptu photo shoot, where the folk singer snapped some pics of his gal-pal jumping up and down in front of a pink wall. The happy couple walked away with their arms wrapped around each other.

Although she played Det. Deb Morgan for eight seasons on Showtime’s hit show, Carpenter was slated to return for ABC’s Sea of Fire pilot in 2014. The drama centered on three teen girls who star in a porn that sends ripples through their families, resulting in a disappearance, murder and more. Carpenter’s character comes to town to investigate the disappearance, but because it’s an ABC pilot, fans of the actress shouldn’t expect to hear any of her trademark f-bombs.

JenniferCarpenterFans.com celebrates today 3 years online!

The website was created on January 21st of 2012 – it went through two hiatus, one during 2013 and another during 2014 – and now it celebrates 3 years online supporting Jennifer Carpenter and informing her fans.

We’d like to thank everyone who visits the website daily, even though there’s not much news about Jennifer or her work, thankyou for supporting not only her but also the website itself.

Happy New Year! I hope all of you are enjoying 2015 so far and I hope you’re excited as I am for everything that might happen. Now, I have some news about the website to tell you.

First, on 21st of this month the website will celebrate 3 years online – it doesn’t seem like it because of the two hiatus during 2013 and 2014 but it’s true, the website will celebrate 3 years. And because the website was created for you and to support Jennifer Carpenter and her work, I’ve decided that perhaps you would enjoy if I created a Fan Listing.

The Fan Listing might go online later this month or maybe next month, February, I’m not sure and I don’t want to give a date and then not open it. It’ll be open and it’ll be open for every fan in the world because this is a worldwide website.

Now, there’s other things that will happen eventually, I’m still working in updating the gallery and creating new spaces for all of you.

I hope you like the news and keep giving the website your support the same way you keep supporting Jennifer, thankyou for visiting the website, I promise you I’ll give my best!


Today we celebrate Jennifer Carpenter 35th birthday!

To a truly amazing & talented actress with such a beautiful smile. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a fantastic day today & always!

– Leann DG, Vancouver (Canada)

Happy f*cking birthday Jennifer, I wish you all the best and a lot of future projects so we can watch you soon!

– Juliana Maia, Portugal

Happy birthday Jennifer and all my very best wishes. I hope to see you again on my tv screen soon in a new great role. All the best.

– Markus Kampmann, Germany

Happy birthday to the best actress, you are fantastic and wonderful, I hope you have an amazing day. Don’t never change, because without you the world would only be boredom.

– Filippo, Italy

Jennifer, Happy Birthday! I wish you get everything you want! Beijos do Brasil!

– Lara Prazeres, Brazil


– Jessie

I’ve uploaded to the website gallery captures from Dexter Season 2. Click in the thumbnails below and check the captures from the 12 episodes with Debra Morgan scenes.

  • 2.01 “It’s Alive!”

thumb_itsalivedex-0360 thumb_itsalivedex-0734 thumb_itsalivedex-0987 thumb_itsalivedex-1519

  • 2.02 “Waiting to Exhale”

thumb_waitingtoexhaledex-0124 thumb_waitingtoexhaledex-0743 thumb_waitingtoexhaledex-1039 thumb_waitingtoexhaledex-1894

  • 2.03 “An Inconvenient Lie”

thumb_inconvenientliedex-0115 thumb_inconvenientliedex-0394 thumb_inconvenientliedex-1065 thumb_inconvenientliedex-1671

  • 2.04 “See-Through”

thumb_seethroughdex-0099 thumb_seethroughdex-0458 thumb_seethroughdex-0756 thumb_seethroughdex-0986

  • 2.05 “The Dark Defender”

thumb_thedarkdefender-0063 thumb_thedarkdefender-0352 thumb_thedarkdefender-0802 thumb_thedarkdefender-1242

  • 2.06 “Dex, Lies & Videotape”

thumb_dexliesvideotape-0027 thumb_dexliesvideotape-0309 thumb_dexliesvideotape-0748 thumb_dexliesvideotape-1339

  • 2.07 “That Night, A Forest Grew”

thumb_nightforestgrew-0011 thumb_nightforestgrew-0257 thumb_nightforestgrew-0902 thumb_nightforestgrew-1027

  • 2.08 “Morning Comes”

thumb_morningcomes-0019 thumb_morningcomes-0182 thumb_morningcomes-0403 thumb_morningcomes-0646

  • 2.09 “Resistance is Futile”

thumb_resistancefutile-0262 thumb_resistancefutile-0360 thumb_resistancefutile-0409 thumb_resistancefutile-0951

  • 2.10 “There’s Something About Harry”

thumb_somethingaboutharry-0022 thumb_somethingaboutharry-0357 thumb_somethingaboutharry-0445 thumb_somethingaboutharry-0790

  • 2.11 “Left Turn Ahead”

thumb_leftturnahead-0154 thumb_leftturnahead-0654 thumb_leftturnahead-0735 thumb_leftturnahead-0804

  • 2.12 “The British Invasion”

thumb_britishinvasion-0033 thumb_britishinvasion-0577 thumb_britishinvasion-1047 thumb_britishinvasion-1269

As some of you may have already seen, the website gallery was recently updated with captures from Dexter Season 1 episodes. Click in the thumbnails below and make sure to check out every scene from the character Debra Morgan, portrayed by Jennifer.

  • 1.01 “Dexter”

thumb_dexterpilot-0225 thumb_dexterpilot-0304 thumb_dexterpilot-0670 thumb_dexterpilot-0742

  • 1.02 “Crocodile”

thumb_crocodile-0071 thumb_crocodile-0292 thumb_crocodile-0538 thumb_crocodile-1276

  • 1.03 “Popping Cherry”

thumb_poppingcherry-0273 thumb_poppingcherry-0307 thumb_poppingcherry-0515 thumb_poppingcherry-0585

  • 1.04 “Let’s Give the Boy a Hand”

thumb_letsgiveboy-0221 thumb_letsgiveboy-0839 thumb_letsgiveboy-1135 thumb_letsgiveboy-1466

  • 1.05 “Love American Style”

thumb_loveusa-0086 thumb_loveusa-0187 thumb_loveusa-0334 thumb_loveusa-0592

  • 1.06 “Return to Sender”

thumb_return-0190 thumb_return-0292 thumb_return-0511 thumb_return-0629

  • 1.07 “Circle of Friends”

thumb_circle-0058 thumb_circle-0094 thumb_circle-0115 thumb_circle-0649

  • 1.08 “Shrink Wrap”

thumb_shrinkwrap-0060 thumb_shrinkwrap-0078 thumb_shrinkwrap-0931 thumb_shrinkwrap-1428

  • 1.09 “Father Knows Best”

thumb_fatherknows-0182 thumb_fatherknows-0278 thumb_fatherknows-0489 thumb_fatherknows-0947

  • 1.10 “Seeing Red”

thumb_seeingred-0066 thumb_seeingred-0225 thumb_seeingred-0278 thumb_seeingred-0450

  • 1.11 “Truth Be Told”

thumb_truthbetold-0076 thumb_truthbetold-0852 thumb_truthbetold-1045 thumb_truthbetold-1364

  • 1.12 “Born Free”

thumb_bornfree-0055 thumb_bornfree-1579 thumb_bornfree-1685 thumb_bornfree-1832

The website has a new design here and in the gallery! I hope you guys enjoy it, this one was made by me and coded by my wonderful friend Daniela. I’m still working with the website content, there’s a lot that needs to be done especially in the gallery but I’ll get it done with time!

If you find new photos (from events or projects) please make sure to send them to jcarpenterfans@gmail.com, also make sure to follow the website on Twitter and Facebook.